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Like most that are reading this I had the very misfortunate experience of a bad, uncaring ISP, and no matter how I tried they would not help, just kept promising updates, review dates and fixes for over two years, enough was enough, they had a very fair chance for fixing their problem, so I filed a complaint with CISAS.

The trick with a successful claim is to proving as much evidence as you can, all the hard evidence that will show that your ISP is in the wrong and turn it all around to your advantage. So I put together all the things you need to do to get a result.

  • You must follow your ISP's complaint procedure first, they have links to them on their sites.
  • Join, and record all your speed test’s when it all goes wonky.
  • Join Thinkbroad band and start a broadband monitor. (You have to enable Respond Ping Request from WAN on the modem/router )
  • Keep on top of all your correspondents from your ISP, eg follow up fix/review dates.
  • Ask for an apology from your ISP as well as compensation in the CISAS complaint.
  • Be polite.

An application to CISAS can be made after:

  • You have exhausted the company’s complaints procedure, and/or
  • It has been 8 weeks since you first raised your complaint with the company, and/or
  • You have received a letter from the company telling you that they are unable to assist you further. This letter may be referred to as a ‘deadlock’ or ‘final response’ letter.

With all the ammunition in your disposable start your claim, the more data the more chance of success.

Your ISP has to respond to CISAS with a counter claim, they will more than likely say that their service is not guaranteed 100% and that it is stated in the terms and condition of the contract that you signed up to, that’s a fair and valid point, but remember anything below 40% of your contracted speed is not acceptable and your ISP is failing in their duty of care to provide that service.

Just be ready for the battle, don't give in, and fight the good fight.

CISAS Homepage (For Virgin Media)

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